First movement. The 1905 slide was when Chris walked out, the Winter Palace slide began with the music. Overlaid over the image, at appropriate intervals, was the title of the movement (THE PALACE SQUARE), and the names of the folk songs as they occurred (FOLK SONG: "Listen!" and FOLK SONG: "The Prisoner"). Toward the end of the movement, the image of soldiers gathering in the square faded in. 

Second Movement. The movement title "JANUARY 9" was overlaid over the first image. "FOLK SONG: Oh, Our Father Tsar" was on the second image. The "beseeching" image was from reh. 34-41, followed by the image in front of the gate with the inscription "REVOLUTIONARY SONG: Bare Your Heads." The next two "standoff" images brought us up to the beginning of the massacre at reh. 71, then the following images came in fairly rapid succession, until the "blood in the snow" images at the end of the movement.

Third Movement. This painting (by a Russian artist from that time period) shows until reh. 106 - first with the movement title (ETERNAL MEMORY) then with FUNERAL MARCH SONG: "You Fell As Victims." The next image was captioned "Funeral March," followed by "Bare Your Heads" on the cemetery image. The image of the snowy cathedral ended the movement.

Fourth movement. I have captioned the images the way they were in the slides. The two landscape paintings were shown during the English horn solo. The final images of bells had long fades to them, so it looked almost like constant movement. The black and red bell image returned on the final chord of the piece.